Genmega Onyx w/1000 note SCDU

Genmega Onyx w/1000 note SCDU


LCD Screen

10.1" Color LCD

1280x800 Resolution

12.1" Touch-Screen (Optional)

Customizable Ad Screens

8 Lighted-Touch function keys


56mm (2" Standard)


16-key Alphanumeric

PCI 5.0 certified EPP

LED illumination


TCP/IP Ethernet connection


Windows CE 6.0

256MB Flash Memory

Card Reader

Dip Style EMV

ADA Compliant

Voice Guidance System

Lighted Transaction Guidance

Braille embossed plastic

Electronic Lock



1000 Note Cassette (upto 4 2k cassettes)


Height - 56.47"

Width - 15.82"

Depth - 22.32"

Weight - 206lbs

Power Requirements

110/220 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 85.5 Watts



  • Genmega Onyx

    Genmega introduces the Onyx series ATM. A new, modern, upscale design containing a set of standard features that are sure to impress, the Onyx provides the latest in ATM technology for any market.  Whether in a hotel, club or gas station, the Onyx ATM provides the look of a high-end financial ATM to reassure customers and encourage transcations.

    The Onyx boasts features which include a 10.1" wide LED-LCD, an optional 12.1" touch screen, as well as a reflective front bezel panel for customer security, and lighted-touch function keys.  In addition to custom on-screen advertisements or branding an optional 3" printer allows for receipt graphics. The Onyx ships fully compliant for EMV, PCI-EPP and ADA.

    The Onyx supports a full range of dispenser options to meet any needs or capacity, includiong a presenter and multiple cassettes.  The Onyx supports all Genmega dispensers or can be ordered as a shell for use with your existing CDU. The Onyx has an all new UL291 vault with an inset door and is available with both dial and electronic locks.