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Full-Service Placement Program

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Firearms, CBD, and recreational marijuana face a challenge finding payment processing solutions because they are "high-risk."Bancard is proud to offer specialized high-risk payment processing solutions for these industries. 


Recreational marijuana became legal in Montana in January 2022. However, it remains difficult to accept all forms of payment because it is still viewed as "high-risk" by certain regulatory bodies. Bancard ATM has developed and deployed a specialized full-service placement program that allows dispensaries to accept all major payment types.

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We have a solution to get a bank account in your business name. 


Bancard will make the install and transition a seamless process.


Bancard's high-risk solutions meet all legal regulations. 


Boost sales by making it easier for your customers to pay with cash or card.

"This relieved the headache of dealing with all the cash everyday."

"This was the perfect solution - it put a credit card machine on our counter."

"This gave us the time we needed to run the business."

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This unique program is the perfect solution for hundreds of businesses around Montana. To find out if it is the right fit for your business, please reach out to the Bancard team. 

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