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Ad-Venture Inn Libby, MT ATM (PART TWO)

(Continued from Part 1)

You could feel the excitement in the air when we rolled the ATM through the front door. It seemed like every employee wanted to come by, check it out and tell us how much they've wanted an ATM in the lobby. An ATM does not always make the amenities list on hotel websites. It’s a strange because installing an ATM is a great way to provide value to hotel guests and the Venture Inn in Libby recognized that.

The Venture Inn often hosts events and deals with travelers during the summer and winter ski season

so its important to have an option for guests to quickly access their cash. The Venture Inn saw this benefit to their guests and decided to call us at Bancard ATM to help get them set up! They decided to place their ATM right next to their business center and gift shop, A perfect place to be able to access cash quickly!

An ATM in your business, It adds value for your guests while also creating another passive

income stream for your business. Our knowledgeable sales pros and technicians are there to help you every step of the way, making it a breeze to get set up with your own ATM.

If you ever find your self in the beautiful town of Libby, Make sure to stay at the Venture Inn.

How to find the Venture Inn:

The Venture inn is located at 1015 9th St, Libby, MT 59932. Easily noticeable from Highway 2 through Libby. Conveniently located close to multiple restaurants, including its own in house restaurant, and only minutes from Downtown Libby and all the attractions that Libby has to offer.


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