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Cash & Clays: ATM finally installed at Flathead Valley Clay Target Club - Part 2

At the Flathead Valley Clay Target Club, cash is king! It’s built for shooting, so the store isn’t too fancy. It’s cash or check only! And if you’re like most people under the age of 35 these days, it isn’t common to carry cash or even own a checkbook. It often left people asking, where can I find an ATM?

When people ask us where we usually put ATMs, we list a few common industries. We have ATMs for retail, ATMs for bars, ATMs for restaurants, ATMs for casinos, and ATMs for events. But that’s not all! We have the right ATM for every situation - including trap clubs!

For the Trap Club, it was important to find an ATM that could handle the traffic. With so many patrons coming through on a weekly basis, the cash-or-check-only policy, and the lack of ATMs in the area, we knew this ATM was going to be used often!

Since this ATM is going to be used often, we can answer another common question: will installing an ATM be good for my business? And the answer is yes! You get a chunk of the volume for each transaction at the ATM. This turns into another income stream for your business while providing a valuable service to your customers. We can’t speak to how profitable this ATM is for the Flathead Valley Clay Target Club, but we know that installing an ATM was a good decision for them!

At the end of the day, the Flathead Valley Clay Target Club in Kalispell, Montana is a great destination for anyone who loves trap shooting. With its top-notch facilities, friendly atmosphere, and variety of events and services, it's no wonder why it's a popular destination for shooters throughout the region.

How to Get There:

The Flathead Clay Target Club is a shooting range located in Kalispell, Montana at 1290 Prairie View Road, Kalispell, MT 59901. The shooting range is situated on a spacious property with scenic views of the surrounding mountains and fields. The Flathead Clay Target Club has several outdoor shooting fields, as well as a clubhouse with indoor shooting ranges, restrooms, and a kitchen. The surrounding area is mostly farmland and open fields, providing a peaceful and secluded atmosphere for shooting enthusiasts.


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