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Hometown Classic: An ATM at Moose's Saloon in Kalispell, Montana - Part 1

Go ahead and try to name a business in the Flathead Valley with a bigger reputation and larger legacy than Moose's Saloon in Kalispell, Montana. We’re willing to bet that you can’t do it! Moose’s is a local landmark that has been serving up delicious pizza and cold drinks for over 60 years. The Saloon has a rich history and a loyal following, making it a must-visit destination for anyone in the area.

Moose's Saloon has a unique history that adds to its charm. The establishment took on a new life in 1957 when Moose and Shirley Miller took over the bar. Originally called “The Corral Bar”, it changed to Moose’s Saloon when Moose and Shirley did a 48-hour remodel with the help of family and friends to give it a classic Western feel - complete with sawdust covering the floor. Over the years, it has become a local institution, with many generations of families visiting to enjoy the pizza and drinks.

One of the most popular menu items at Moose's Saloon is the pizza. Their pizza is made with fresh, homemade dough and various toppings, including pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. The crust is crispy and chewy, and the cheese is melted to perfection. Many people say that Moose's Saloon has the best pizza in the Flathead Valley, maybe even in all of Montana!

The atmosphere at Moose's Saloon is casual and laid-back, with friendly staff and a welcoming vibe. The walls are covered in dollar bills and business cards, a tradition started by customers who wanted to leave their mark on the establishment. Moose's Saloon has also been featured in several movies and TV shows, adding to its notoriety. Over the years, many notable names have sat at Moose’s bar and enjoyed a drink including Evil Kneivel and Tiger Woods.

How do you fit an ATM into a Western… (Continued in Part 2)

How to Get There:

Moose's Saloon is a popular bar and restaurant located in Kalispell, Montana at 173 N Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901. The establishment is situated in the heart of downtown Kalispell. The surrounding area is predominantly commercial, with other shops, restaurants, and businesses located nearby. The building that houses Moose's Saloon has a distinct historic feel, with its brick facade and retro sign. The interior of the establishment is dimly lit with a rustic, western decor. The bar is known for its lively atmosphere and serves a variety of beers, pizza, and bar food.


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